Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Thousand Blessings

A Thousand Blessings © 2008
13.5'' x 18'' Watercolor

Yesterday it wasn't just New Years Eve, but also my daughter's birthday. We celebrated both, it was just fantastic. Today is the New Year, I called my mother who lives in Taiwan, we had a great conversation, we are going back to see her. My mother and I are both in high spirits and very excited for this trip. I look forward to seeing all my family! This is my New Year wish and gift!
Besides all this, my husband's novel (Dream of the Dragon Pool: A Daoist Quest) was just named Book of the Year for fiction 2007 (http://www.onlinereviewofbooks.com/) It is truly a new year! This is why I've put this new painting entitled --A Thousand Blessings up for today.

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